How to Bengkung Belly Wrap – Post-Partum Results 5 Weeks Later…

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This is Sunmarie’s 3rd Birth, and now 5 weeks later she shows the results of using the Bengkung Belly Wrap!

The wrap itself is 40 Feet of Fabric which gets wrapped and tied around your waist each morning post partum, for a recommended 6 weeks.

Link ($20):


Ranjani Shamasundar says:

I really like how natural and genuine this video is.. like YouTube of the old days. All others tutorials are almost irritating with their strange intonations.

bushra mansoor says:

Can I do this after 3 month of c section

Fashion Muffin says:

Thanx for this tutorial.. It helps me soo

Denise Dominique Rodriguez says:

Hello may i ask how many yards are you using????

Manju Abraham says:

Thanks for this beautiful demonstration…. was kind of doing research on this… happy to see good results…stay blessed.

Jady A. says:

Wow love this what a great tutorial! You look great!

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