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Watch a nurse and mom of four show how to bathe your new baby safely and comfortably.


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Megan Slonksnis says:

Precious little girl whew thank God they didn't put the swan in her ear that would be dangerous

Aaron Schumacher says:

Bath time should not be fun! It doesn't need to be horrible but it needs to be to the point and no toys.
Lets study why.
Many babies as they learn to crawl go around the house and sneak away. Many parents have found their babies in the bathroom. They sometimes want to try and get in the tub because parents have put so many toys there that they think its a fun place when in fact its a deadly place. Just like you teach children that the tub is hot and dangerous and tell them to stay away. The tub and bathroom area should also be a hot dangerous area. Babies drown in toilets as well.
So, bath time should be to the point and done. NO TOYS NEEDED.

Aaron Schumacher says:

I leave my baby alone all the time but my 5-month old knows how to swim just fine. I paid thousands and put him through ISR training.
Why do people suggest only 1-2 baths per week? Think about this, babies sit in their poop every day. If you sat in your poop every day would 2 showers a week cut it?

North Star says:

When do you give the baby first bath? How many days after birth?

Isadora Barros says:

Actually you don't need to bathe a newborn baby everyday. If you bathe a newborn baby too much the chances of getting allergies and astmha later in life increases.

S G says:

didnt give baby enough neck support when picking her up

RCirious says:

the baby is 8 now!

Fred Qoshja says:

Nice , Learning. I dont know anything about this

Ayeh Barg says:

Why am I here

Gulab Rao Baviskar says:

very good and nice wow

Nate Krieger says:

What brand of Diaper is used on the Baby?!

mimarlin says:

90degrees? I put my baby in 90 degrees but she was screaming! The water was so hot. I could have made baby soup

bloodyrose1985 says:

1:13 I wish I knew where I could find a hooded towel like that. That's just adorable and looks really soft.

Baby Items List says:

Great video. Thanks

Haka Te Moananui says:

first bath at 3 weekz old wtf

Shandriel Washington says:

first time mommy to be due in june,… so nervous..

Victoria Lozano says:

She's adorable… I hope y little one is as calm as she was during her 1st bath

Zainab Mulla says:

great video very informative

Pure Joy says:

The should have washed her hair first.

ThePrissyMommyLife says:

Wonderful Video!! Sweet baby!! Here's My Daughter's First Bath In The Hospital – They Actually Did It Right In Front Of Us This Time Instead Of In The Nursery! :) I also just Liked & Subscribed! Please Sub me back! :) & Check out my Channel! Best Wishes!

savory icon says:

I wish my baby sat calmly like this video baby. my kid will not sit. but good video though

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