how to bathe a new born baby

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Lairely says:

Beautiful…just so beautiful. <3

adam1979NSmcc says:

Where's this bath at? Sandals?

Jennifer Dobbie says:

I WANT someone to bath me like this hehe

Ashraf Husain says:

This baby is now at least 4 years old. I wish a bright future for him/ her.

Vincent Alvaro says:

kuping nya apa gak masuk air di gituin..?

Prettysongbird08 says:

This was so relaxing to watch and you can tell she cared for this child during this bathe. Great job!

Alexandria Gildersleeve says:

U are like branding the baby I would sue u if that was my kid u were giving a bath to u would not do that to a baby that is ok

Jenny S. says:

wtf, it's wrong

Kathryn Johnson says:

Wow, this woman is like the guru of baby bathing/massaging! Little sweetie was in heaven and could you blame him/her? Babies find water so relaxing, especially newborns since it calms them. I think you are doing an AMAZING job and you are an asset to ALL BABIES that is being bathed by you!

Kylie Fulton says:

it was a stupid video I can't belive my eyes when she but the baby under the tap it a new born baby for god sake

pavel conka says:

it looks like if u would want to hurt the baby but nice background

Gibi Skinder says:

Bathing of baby Phoenix

Ashish Rana says:

I would like to take a shower with this background music.

Lorinda Dawson says:

Absolutely Beautiful….. Too bad you couldn't give lessons to these insensitive idiots I've watched giving babies baths…….

Ciearra Birdsall says:

So sweet so caring made me cry a little it's so nice to see the love that is giving to the baby ! Wonderful video

Stormy loveland says:

omg i panicked watching this video. You are very good at what you do but plz dont try this if you are learning or your baby is an active fussy baby like mine. My lo would freak out and cause him to slip.

Commander Chief says:

Wtf!!! Wrong !!

AHS Society says:

looks a little high risk, almost like a baptism not a bathing

leah young says:

too much water

Graziella Debattista Briffa says:

Such a sweet delicate touch … you're amazing

Brittany Dowdy says:

dude… I need to have a bath like this baby. it looks so relaxing

Rhonda Amador says:

beautiful video

Just Me says:

just tears in my eyes…

بنت ابوها says:

ياربي يخبل بارب ارزقني بطفل يارب

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