How many ultrasound scans do you need during pregnancy? l Max Hospital, Pitampura

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Pregnant women are often curious to know when and how many times should they go for ultrasound scans during pregnancy. Dr. Asha Rawal, Principal Consultant at Max Hospital, Pitampura reveals that 4-5 scans are carried out during pregnancy, starting with the first scan in 6-8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy. She further elaborates that ultrasounds are quite safe and give valuable information about the growth and well being of both the mother and the foetus. Know more:


Syed Hajira says:

My doctor said scan is not necessary during the end of my third month tht ok??

Zubair Muhammad says:

if fhr is + then what is a gender

Mehak Ali says:

very nice ,,,

Preeti Sharma says:

If 2nd ultrasound is not done to koi problem to nhi hai

Mekala Rajkumar says:

Ultrasound scans use sound waves to create a picture of your baby in your womb. The picture will display on a screen that you will be able to see.Aruna Diagnostics provides best Ultrasound scan for pregnancy women’s.
More details:

Govind Singh Rathore says:

Thanks doctor

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