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Skyler Symoné says:

I loveeee that you did this❤️❤️thank you

Leshaun's Life says:

When I use stuff to help produce I produce less

Pinky Rozey says:

nice steamer blender i love kitchen gadgets

E'mica Davis says:

The way he was staring at the bananas said it all lol

tejadahada420 says:

People don't understand. you got to eat it first. I ate baby to show my little brother it was ok.

Destiny Tate says:

U look so pretty

Santrice Jarrett says:

So steaming it before blending makes it more moist?

Catrenia C says:

That’s the same face I make if I eat a banana.

Talks With Taty says:

How old was terrell in this video? My son just turned 4 months I’m currently about to start him on solid food purée. I have the squash in the oven. Should I give to him only once a day since this is his first day or like breakfast lunch and dinner? I also breast feed

Seek Yah1 says:

How many of those baby foods would you feed him a day?

hbnyLIGHT says:

Wonder if the bananas used were ripe, that might be the difference. I know this is a old vid, but things to consider for new moms watching. <3

Frenchy Vee says:

I am a new subscriber but I am currently watching every video I can lol. I absolutely fell in love with your channel and your beautiful family :) blessings in all that you do and your children are so cute! Omg I melt

Mimi Cakes says:

Awe he is to cute

Tori says:

This is what I’ll be doing for my baby being a healthy mom and all

Byron Collins says:

The start of him drooling is amazing and cute

Cindy Isaac says:

Thank you so much. This video was absolutely great!

Ashley Ray says:

I tried to pre make avocado purée and it turned brown and nasty so I didn’t want to feed it. Does yours stay green when you freeze it?

Mimi Kenyon says:

Catching up on videos so way late with this question but I would love to know where you got your white sweater with stripes on sleeves…. loving it!

Chrissy B says:

I’m getting that baby food maker! Didn’t get to make baby food for my first two. When baby #3 gets here we are gonna do it!

JD Slah says:

Hi, I'm a new mom and I've wanted to make my baby food but he's stopped breast milk at two months cus he didn't like it. My question is can I just use his baby water or do I have to use his formula make his food?

ShiShi McGhee says:

My husband and I are expecting our first child. My husbands middle is Terrell. This is a sign that I should be following u for my go to advice.

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