homemade cerelac baby food recipe | 6 month plus baby food | 6 महीने के बच्चे का भारतीय ठोस आहार

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full recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/homemade-cerelac-recipe-6-month-plus/

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homemade cerelac recipe | 6 month plus baby food | six month baby food with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a 6-12 month baby food recipes made with mixed lentils and rice grains. it is just another traditional indian baby food made with rice and lentils grains, but branded differently. you can make it as powder and start feeding your baby after 6 months, and also help to gain weight.
homemade cerelac recipe | 6 plus month baby food | six month baby food with step by step photo and video recipe. baby food recipes are one of the overwhelming recipes for most of the new parents. everyone desire for something healthy, homemade and also help to develop the brain and body development. one such easily homemade baby food recipe is cerelac recipe which can be served to 6 month plus babies.


Tanuja Jain says:

Namak /shakker kuch nahi dalna he kya

Nagaraj says:

Don't u add anything for sweetness?

Sakshi Gautam says:

Ma'm क्या हम इसमे थोड़ा हींग भी डाल सकते हैं?

anu says:

Broken wheat appudu add cheyyali

Latha Teru says:

My baby just completed 5 mnths can i serve this to him

Latha Teru says:

Mam can i use milk instead of water pls reply

Pavani Shravan says:

Sweetness? I

Haripriya Sadhasivan says:

Is it ok if I replace white rice with brown rice?

puram leela says:

Bagundhu but chinnapillalaki rice pettochha 6month nundi

priti prasad says:

Is this safe for 8 months baby???

Prabhu Patanakar says:

Please kanada translate


want to add something to the sweetness ???

Poshan priya says:

Please reply
My baby is 1 year 6months old can i give this to her?
How many times should be given in a day? Can i give this in evening time at 4pm replacement of snack
Please reply plssss

Saina Muthreja says:

Can we directly make the baby try this recipe, even if the baby hasn't tried these ingredients separately first?

Sruthi Satheesh says:

What rice is used in this mam?

afsal says:

പച്ചരി ആണോ എടുക്കണ്ടത്

Santosi muni the odia vlogger says:

Super friend very useful for me

Ali Jutt says:

Horse gram Kya hota ha ? Plz tell me

sukhpreet Gill says:

Which rice use for caralic

Shabnam Teacher says:

What is mixed in rice?

Ruch K says:

If we skip broken whear is it ok

Mitali Choudhari says:

How long can store this?

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