Homecoming Mums 101: How to make the diamond back

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Nyrah Taylor says:

Thank you soooooo much for this tutorial. It helped me tremendously. #YOUROCK

Rosie Trevino says:

Where can I find a video where you have put the entire mum together. TIA!

Maria Madrinh says:

Ficou uma graça parabéns obrigado

Donna Jones says:

heartbroken…I have made 2 and so far they all come apart :( :( What am I doing wrong??

Melissa Charo says:

Hello how do you make the one with the foil ribbon and loops and letters please?

gatitaeyes says:

What is the white and black on the left side one ?

charisse and christian says:

Your camera is annoying, makes me dizzy.

Teresa Smith says:

how wide was the ribbon you were using?

Charlotte D says:

do you have one with the lei next to the heart to the left??

Letti Delgado says:

I use to make that chain out of gum wrappers…

wendy zamudio says:

Does the width of the ribbon matter?

Alba Lucia Pineda Diaz says:

buenas noches preciosas tus creaciones ,por fa colocar escritas las medidas de ancho y largo de las cintas o cintillos en cms soy de colombia se lo agradeceria un abrazo bendiciones

Marifer Rivera says:

Is it 54 for each color or even it or 27 each color ?

Carla Arriaga says:

so cute! i look forward to making my own mum for my senior year!!

Daisy Orozco says:

Next time please don't mess with the camera

Noemi Ramon says:

how many in each color for a 36 inch

alma martinez says:

I just made my first diamondback braid. I feel like I can take over the mum world now.

Patricia Thomas says:

how do you attach them? do you make them a little longer? This will be my first time to make a mum.

Maggie Roque says:

Totally Awesome thank you for this video!! God bless you!!

Kara Walker says:

How do you make the ribbon with the loops? You have letters on it.

Pink Bubblegum says:

what size measuring was the ribbons. I'm having trouble I don't know if it's the width of mines or what

JesssicaMatias says:

where do you purchase all your supplies? where do you buy the letters?

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