Hi Mommy – I love you MOM

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SimplyMe says:

love it :)

Digital Dirk says:

jeez, the voice acting was garbage…

yasmeen sofea says:

so sweet!

Rspeedy says:

plot twist….

Dweeb! Panicking about 21 gorillaz At a pity party says:

This was so cute!!!!! I loved it!

Bluetot says:

tbh I expected a dark turn at the end

brownie marie394 says:

this video makes me cry

Jaleah Alvarenga says:

so cute!!

Audrie Robertson says:

that was beautiful it made me laugh and cry

ChocoSisis says:

CUTE! >_<

RamagliaFam5 says:

The funny thing is after this heart touching video I watched Pewdiepie and forgot about it until now

Tgirl Tiger says:

too cute

Laghan Manghnani says:

So sweet

DallysInWonderland ! says:

I was really mad because I thought it was an abortion video and the fact that no one was discussing it pissed me off

Cindy Garin says:

sooo cute :)

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