Here’s When And Why The Baby Kicks In the Stomach ! Women Will Be Especially Interested In This !

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when you ask a pregnant woman why their babies do that, they will answer that the baby is just trying to hug them from the inside. every small movement they make will make you ask yourself what are they trying to do?

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Within the womb, your baby tries to stretch out the limbs to relax or move, and that is why you feel the kicks. These movements or kicks are a part of your baby’s normal development. The baby reacts instantly to changes in the environment, especially when it hears some noises outside.

When you lie on the left side, the babies activity increases, because of the increase in blood supply and nutrients to the fetus.
That is why pregnant women should sleep on their left side. Mothers can also expect a higher number of kicks after a meal.

The baby starts to kick when nine weeks are completed. First time mothers-to-be usually recognise their baby’s movements as late as the 24th week of pregnancy. Your baby has been moving long before that, but the sensation is unfamiliar, and you might not recognise it for what it is. A low number of kicks can show the poor health of your baby and the insufficient amount of oxygen.

The average number of kicks falls between 15 to 20 per day.

please contact your doctor if you are
Experiencing less than 10 movements in a two hour period.
Reduced or no movement in response to external stimuli like loud noise, patting or prodding your belly, or the sound of you or your partner’s voice. A gradual decrease in your baby’s movements for more than two consecutive days.

Your baby should always be moving throughout the day. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, babies have much less room for big movements like kicks and rolls.

Movement is one of the first communications your baby has with you. Any reduction in any movement should be noted and checked out by your care provider as soon as possible to help you have a worry and stress free pregnancy.

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Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

Now i am mom of baby girl.

Azveena Zulfath says:

Am 43 days pregnt stil am getting pain in uterus

Princess Chewie says:

Babies don't kick in the stomach, they kick in the uterus.

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

Savitha Naveen it is my second preg.

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

Savitha Naveen it is my second preg.

S G says:

10 kicks per 2 hours isn't always needed . sometimes babies can go half a day without major movement (atleast not ones that we can feel) and still baby can be healthy

PAMELA Shawboose says:


Ana Carolina LAZARO CUEVAS says:

Well I'm pregnant with twins and they move very much

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

Thank u nihi 917

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

Thank u so much Pragati

Mahnoor Chaudri says:

I have 7th month of pregnency..i feel the movment.but some day i feel too much movment. I mean more then routien days.what reason of this that days i also feel back pain ..i am worried about this case ..why i feel the too much it bad or danjrous???? Plz help me

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

thank u so much

Hadeeqah Tafazul says:

l'm pregnant please pray for me

Leonis White says:

,what's up

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