Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby: Prenatal Care

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Dr. Siobhan Dolan walks you through a prenatal care exam and how to find good prenatal care near you.


Irene Chain says:

not informed consent. Doctor saying what they are going o do

laurel jade says:

the doctor is a talking bobblehead.

Sanj says:

Check out this song encouraging young people to get involved in the cause! Please reshare this video!
song i wrote for march of dimes

Fatma Yousef says:

very nice video

Tyler Stockton says:

Fluoridated water has been shown to reduce IQ in children since it is a known neurotoxin, about as toxic as lead and arsenic. Get rid of the fluoride by distilling your water.

ryan manatac says:

why is it that she is not doing a Leopold maneuver?

LopsidedCircle says:

just heard her speak today, she's been with so many ivies. love it, she was so inspiring :)

pinkelephant93 says:

was just lots of water!! she was 6lb 8oz and tiny she now 12 weeks and sooo long for her age lol she the length of my friends 5 month old

crazzieoverjesse20 says:

what a big babyyy you have!!!!

Andria B says:

good advise video

pinkelephant93 says:

at 28 weeks i was 31cm but im quite big, my mum was too. I really wish my baby would get her foot out my ribcage though! i cant sit comfortably!

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