Healthy Baby Food Ideas | Food Recipes For Babies 8 Months Old Baby | Baby Meals For 8 Month Old

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Guys, a lot of you have asked Shikha about the recipes of Alayna’s meals. So here it is, on public demand, Shikha Singh Shah brings you a detailed bite by bite healthy baby food recipes.

Alayna has turned 8 months old and she’s been having solid foods. A healthy mash of wholesome vegetables, fruits and some ghee seasoned with jeera, haldi and a whole lot of mother’s love.

Watch the video to find out different variants of breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner that Shikha has been making for Alayna. You can take notes and use these recipes for your baby as well. Apne twists aur andaaz comments section mein share karo

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Malvika Sirur says:

Love your videos. Keep it going. Lots of love to alayna and you. And kudos to the videographer. Great work.

lavya chauhan says:

My daughter is also 8 month old now, can you please tell me which High chair do you use 4 alayana?

Kankan Singh says:

Thankyou so much

30 76 45 MD KHAJA BAHAUDDIN morol says:

use silicon spoon .

Suchila Brahma says:

Mam, Cow's milk bhi nhi de sakte ho aap 8 month ki baby ko.

Radha Gujarkar says:

So cute baby ❤️

Hasnain Alam says:

Astan pan kitne din ki h

sahbaz ali boss says:

Mashallah caring mother

Tarun Sahu says:

Mam Meri beti 8 month ki h pr bich me pabiyat hone ke kr helt nhi aai h to uko Kya khilau ki uski body cover ho jaye

Akshay Badyla says:

Mam apne.kumkum bhagye kyu chod diya tha aap bhut achi lgti thi

AJ Photography says:

Why you give her cow milk not yours

Shaikh Aasiya says:

Ma shaa allah… ma’am aap alayna ko cow milk dete hai plz rpl
Bcoz cow milk is not good before 1yrs asper my knowledge…..plz let me know

Gauri Uniyal says:

According to Ayurveda dudh and fruits are not good combination.

Prakash Basarge says:

6 month me baby food

Pridev Sambalpuri vlogs says:

So sweet baby

Vinita Pandey says:

God bless her❤

Swati Duhoon says:

How many times you give milk

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