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Susan Carter, MS, RD, CDE discuses Growing Healthy Babies: Nutrition Tips for Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum.
Your Child’s Health University Lecture held at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford on March 2015. Learn more at


A C says:

ladies! if you want a strong baby with strong mental health. DO NOT feed children fruit or veggies. do some research on anti nutrients, lectins and toxins in plants. its simple whats the first food a baby is meant to have? breast milk! children love meat and animal products for good reason. don't force feed them things they instinctually know is not good for them. plant food will wreck their digestive tract early. make sure thet get enough animal fat. they will thank you when they grow up functioning normally. or just do whats not been working for years.

rath khan says:

Awesome Video… Human being are meant to eat plant based diet. If you cannot find chicken or meat with out hormones antibiotics . It's better to avoid any kind of meat or eggs.

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