Giant Warship Battle | Dude Perfect

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Secret Life of Students says:

you guys are so cool… hahah nice work @dude perfect

The survival ON MINECRAFT says:

Like every shooting game that wot and wow it's similar to WWII

Elian Martinez says:

dude you did made it on his blue head team!!!!

The Dudes says:

Let's hit a 100 subscribers with out no video

ImSidar says:

Who else has strep throat while watching this ?

Ryaminator says:

At 15 million subs they should do a panda face reveal like so dude perfect can see this

Eel Fahrez says:

wowwwwwww perfect

Paulo Gabriel Merindo says:

next is tape in top of building exploded with paint

Char Cripe says:

Cory and Coby are my favorite

Jannik Ernst says:

This at the new office even before the DPHQ2 vid came out.

Jayla Braden says:

The next punishment should be to have to be the losers hanging on the poles on the ceiling for 10 mins

Rachid favoritess says:

I have strup to

Tristan Schley says:

i do not think your gonna win

GamerGeekyGirl 152 says:

The next punishment should be pushing them into a freezing cold pool

Sebi Hernandez says:

On 3:30 was funny

Pritesh Kido Bhakta says:

Carma that's what happens when you are mean

Pritesh Kido Bhakta says:

Getting Coby out first just mean

Skankcunt42 says:

Good, the duct tape wouldn't be able to hold Ty XD

Pritesh Kido Bhakta says:

Red team is mean

MarioGaming81 says:

Make a panda trick shot video only panda themed shots

My Little Pony Or Die says:

i once had strep throat. IT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! i feel bad for Coby

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