Gentle Baby & Me Yoga to Rebuild the Pelvic Floor Postpartum, Full Body Stretch, 4th Trimester

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Kelsy leads a 20 minute class you can do with your newborn to improve strength, flexibility & pelvic floor health after pregnancy.
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We are happy to introduce Vivia Lotus, 8 weeks old- the youngest yogi on PsycheTruth! In this video, learn how to modify poses for post-pregnancy & how to include your newborn in your yoga practice.

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Yogarise says:

As a yoga therapist, the forearm plank is very much a no-no pose for diastasis recti as it can make the tummy bulge due to the weakness in the abdominal sheath. I did it religiously postnatally and excerbated my diastasis.

Kazi Tanni says:

Is this workout safe for mommies with c section?

Spooky Sammy says:

I'm 5 week post c section and got my 6 week check coming up. I'm hoping to be cleared to exercise by the Dr

sakina hajira says:

u r great..wid bby workout is juz amazing itz a vry useful video….

Katie Heishman says:

Did this with my 10 week old! We had so much fun and it was a great stretch! Thanks so much! <3

Angel MCamacho says:

So do you wait six weeks to do this or is this something you can work at before ?

nvv says:

I'm not sure this is appropriate for women with diastasis recti.

Beads jewellery making in hindi says:

I had C-section seaserion.. 5years ago.. but my diastasis recti is not recover.. and also have back pain .. sometimes it is very tough for me wake up from bed… Which type of exercises that i can do … And keep my body fit

Strong Mom says:

Yes! Mamas totally need workouts they can do with baby. Which is why I created a 10 minute floor lean legs workout on the floor. Keep it up

preethy vardhan says:

I’m now pregnant this would be really helpful for me to recover back from delivery thank u so much keep on posting such videos

Susie Sullivan says:

My 4.5 mo baby grabbed two handfuls of my hair and screamed happily into my ear. Then he tried to throw himself to safety and latch on during fish pose. But I did yoga and had a laugh so 10/10 would recommend.

Carleena Lara Bregatta says:

I'm teaching a private mommy & me class and this video helped tremendously since I do not have a child! Thank you for such easy instruction now I am elated to teach this class!

Enter Tai Chi says:

Thanks for sharing! Have an awesome day!

Dwight Dwighters says:

19:42 it hates you

Jessica Mouse says:

Your baby is so adorable!!

Maria Rodriguez says:

Can I do this as early as 2 weeks PP or should I wait till the 6 week mark?

KNIGHT x says:

Baby is cute ik
But at 4:45 i realized that
Lady is hot

JayBaddAssCutler says:

This worked great for me!

My pelvic floor has never felt this good

sarah mosayebi says:

omg little baby ,so cute <3

Ashik Jonathan says:

how many of you killed your baby trying

Alexis Kraus says:

Omg, I want another baby girl!

Stanzavik says:

I gotta say — this looks really nice and relaxing but I'd be petrified of slipping and falling onto the baby. Must be some option out there with less exposure.

이희동 says:

아기가 너무 귀여워요 ^^

Sifat Siam says:

Do what chines do..they stay in bed for couple of month after delivery, and ur doing yoga no wonder white women gets old so fast

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