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We have found some of the wittiest and entertaining kids from the internet and we have to say, we think they’re hilarious!

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Heather Tennison says:

Quick by

hamidullah razahi says:

That's very funny

Faisal Alosaimi says:

2nd comment

Mark Mark says:

The boy said what is 6 multiply by 6? Alexa said 6 x 6 = 36 then 36 ÷ 6 = 6 that's a hint

Mcmemes says:

I dont like kids


Say crack my finger then say it backwards

Pengii says:

this is discrimination against people with no children

(Before you reply just know this is satire)

Ellis Freer says:

The crack my finger one had me in tears

Star Channel says:

Funny Baby Cute Expressions Video

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