Funny Babies Trying To Walk First Steps – Precious Moments

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▽ Name: Funny Babies Trying To Walk First Steps – Precious Moments
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Welcome to the Pew Baby. Their cuteness is about to rule the whole planet so we’d better watch out! If you are Babies lovers, you are in the right place. Pew Baby is where you can love and live with babies from all over the world. Make sure to hit the small red button called “Subscribe” to get more videos about them.
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Pew Baby says:

" How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?

It's just something that I want to do

I'll be taking my time, spending my life

Falling deeper in love with you "
– Ed Sheeran –

Abvh bbbh says:

I have to watch this for school

Stefany Vasconcelos :3 says:

I love these babies who fall and don't cry

Nasif Tahmeed says:

Wwe 1:33

nivaldaferreira ferreira says:

Bebês divertido

nivaldaferreira ferreira says:

Thya meu nome é Sabrina tenho 10 anos

Chris Jhondeere says:

Scientists are spending way too much money to moon walk . ( space shuttle )
These kids are walking not spending with out penny

Crystal Lopez says:

1:10 im dead she just let that baby face hit the floor smh

Bahyt Gul says:

Балаларды құлтып мəз топастар

Best Reactions says:

When they saw the babies taking their first step they must have been happy

Japan's Funniest Videos says:



1:33 It was Wrestling Move.!!! DAMN..

Antonia Toschnár says:

Happy family. I thought 70 % of martiad couples divorced. Niw happy babies tomorrow…..

ninanina1210 says:

на 5:42 мамаша заорала, как сумасшедшая. Напугала ребёнка. Потом будет удивляться, почему это дитё такое нервное.

Key Ford says:

its the anual baby walk and dance show <3 :)

Deesssiree LopTin says:

The baby who takes his first steps and puts his first basket!! Wuau

hanane kadi says:

عجبني الطفل الكحلوش

Fern Viking says:

So cute & funny!!

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