Funniest Upset Babies – Funny Fails Baby Video

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☞ Video: Funniest Upset Babies – Funny Fails Baby Video
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Fun and Fails says:

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Google User says:

The amount of infants ALREADY addicted to tv/tablets/phones in this video is disgusting.

Dawn Meek says:

the things people think are funny are stupid

Opal The Fusion says:

1:25 0:10 and 0:17

Strawberrycake*-* says:

1:32 he is like. Nope no way.

Mhel Bert says:

7:27 what a beautiful eyes

susan chase says:

I know this is supposed to be cute, and some are… but I have never seen so many FAT BABIES……. Was this done on purpose?

Yalda Madani says:

“ You’re never having a boyfriend”


marcelo rezende says:

gente já nasce má nao e engracado…suave1

sim0love1 says:

you are such a nugget

To Ma says:

Why they are soo fat ???

Serena H says:

We all know the baby girl in the pink shirt will be like that as a teenager too

MC livewire says:

The First one was not funny

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