Funniest Babies Ever 2017

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Funniest Babies Ever 2017 – Funniest Kids Ever 2017 – Funniest Todders Ever 2017
A compilation of the Funniest Babies, Funniest Toddlers, Funniest Kids Ever . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this!

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Rebecca Wang says:

For the thumbnail
Be glad you didnt see the baby penis

Rhema obieze says:

2.14 is not funny i saw it in the school and he is blind

Tommy Phongsavath says:

So much…aww…can't spea…k…

Avery woodrum says:

And funnyest to

Avery woodrum says:

Sweetest thing ever

Buddies Entertainment says:
watch very funny babbies
pls like also and
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Arun Kumar says:
baby cute this

elango pathy says:

I love kits

Yummy Babies says:

wow so cute naughty babies

Cameron Chappetta says:

I'm glad that that the baby can see her mom

House Of 7 Ninjas says:

Another funny compilation :)

Marblez2295 says:

I came from a creepy video and I need to watch this before anything else

Shirley Jackson says:

Who the fuck wants to see these black babies??? They're butt ugly and they look like monkeys! Can't handle the truth? Too fucking bad!

Juma Atiq Juma says:


afua asantewaah says:

at 7:00 its so cute and loving also 1:15 and 1:53

Tiffany James says:

OMG 6:51 , I can stop crying , so touching .. "I love her so much" priceless

fulesmackofule says:

4:40 Not funny, next generation fat woman for walmart disabled cart supply…

Foreversavage 2017 says:

the baby is ssoooo adorable at 8:57 how she's dancing in the mirror with her father singing in the back

Cosmic Serpent says:

I want that baby at 9:30 in my life every day he could teach us all a thing or two

Cosmic Serpent says:

The one at 7:00 made me tear up a bit that was so sweet

Embrace Babies says:

Always love to see the creation of GOD. May the Almighty be with you always.

Erin Steele says:

The little girl dancing in the mirror…..we wish we had a dad that cool.

Dej Knapp says:

I totally get 1:45. Our baby got desperately sad at the commercial for the abused animals by the ASPCA. If I heard the 1st note of the music, i had to change the channel IMMEDIATELY. She would get so sad she would take forever to get over it. She was about 2 then and is still very sensitive at 12

Grahacexxo XXO says:

3:00 made me go AWWW

Barend Buchler says:

the twins racing each other…..

DJ OR AMV??? says:

7:39 when they said logan did they mean logan paul

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