Fringe Pregnant Belly Expansion

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Amazing clip from the tv series fringe

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megan millsaps says:

idgi ( i dont get it) a baby takes 9 months to develep now i geuss it takes
9 minutes to develep is that right deathfailsheavenlies its a killer baby

Elijah Thomas Lampa says:

My god, people this is sci fi, so quit asking why she develops a baby so
fast, just, search the storyline or whatever, im too lazy to elaborate it

deathfailsheavenlies says:

The only problem with that is you can’t really enjoy the pregnancy, also it
wouldn’t give you any time to get ready for the baby.

deathfailsheavenlies says:

Maybe its a spider baby.

Kevin Carr says:

Maybe people should get pregnant and give birth all in the same day instead
of 9 months to have one.

deathfailsheavenlies says:

Refer to the answer I gave Jeff782420.

deathfailsheavenlies says:

@jacobgrayjg Care to elaborate?

deathfailsheavenlies says:

Well she’s pregnant, so take a wild guess

deathfailsheavenlies says:

Refer to the answer I gave Jeff782420.

xXiAteMRstaypuftXx says:

wow!!!!!! i can see why it’s amazing!!! that’s sooooooooooooooo fucking
sexy, got a dark feel to it to its awesome….really well done!!!!!!!

Kevin Carr says:

that is why the show is called fringe. also the charector did a good job
playing the women that doesn’t know that she is pregnant untill it is too
late. I just like this show because of cool stuff that they do.

Jeff782420 says:

@deathfailsheavenlies whats inside of her?

deathfailsheavenlies says:

No one said anything about “normal” maybe try reading what people actually
post in their comments. For your insolence enjoy a free ban on me, you
deserve it.

Jacob Gray says:


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