Forgive Me – Live – Chloe x Halle

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aaron newman says:

halle looks ready to whoop ass

Sophia Aguilar says:

En vivo cantan mejor????? No necesitan autotune

kotah’s pancakes says:

they look like beautiful black mermaids in those dresses. ugh i’m obsessed

Jabrile says:

So we’re not gonna talk about that gorgeous run at 2:33?

Mark Murray says:

How does this video have 721 haters but let's not focus on that and notice the 95,000 that knows real talent…

Shabaab Kamal says:

Everything needed to drop out for a few beats at 0:36, then it would be PERFECT

brandy wimbush says:

Love them! Pure talent ❤️

Zari Miller says:

Hi, I'm writing from the afterlife. Let all my loved ones know that Chloe's run at the end is what killed me.

Lowkey Jayda says:

I’m obsessed with this song and always will be

Acnica Qin Qia says:

this is quote in quote live

EMA. C. says:

I love this one soooo much..

Amoya Thomas says:

I have goosebumps this was beautiful❤️❤️❤️

Aiyanna Mackey says:

You are great

dreamglow 365 says:

This should have 100M views because it's perfect

sosojefff says:

I will never get tired of this performance ❤️❤️

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