Foods That Help Your Baby’s Brain Growth

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Did you know that approximately 75 percent of your baby’s brain growth takes place during the first year! When the time comes to introduce solid foods, make sure you follow these important guidelines and don’t miss out on these brain food winners.”

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xoxXOXO l says:

ugh that bitch at 0:36 forcingnthat spoon. bitch

xoxXOXO l says:

imma feed him mcchicken nuggets and soda

Rebecca Sakthi says:

Hi my baby girl is going to be13month,she is not using Words but she make growling sounds of the animalsn on 11 months she said man,dad now she stopped saying pls let me know why.

Team Samarai says:

her chin really bugs me. sorry

Rani Benakatti says:

I tried this and m baby liked it. She is very choosy and hardly like something. She also like happibo food a lot

Sourav Bhattacharya says:

hi.My baby is autistic and 2.5 yrs…Can I give this foods and will it helps to develop .Please suggest.

areil wildstar says:

my baby is 385 years old..what do i give him???

nkongchu hubert says:

My baby is 4months please what are the different food to develop her brain?

Hafeez Rahman says:

my baby is 2 year old plz tell me daily routin timing and food

Kadarla Prassd says:

I have 10 year baby what I give it

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