First Trimester Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

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Chris Allphin, M.D. is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB/Gyn) practicing in Idaho Falls. Dr. Allphin discusses what women can expect when they are in their first trimester of pregnancy.


Quyosh Oy says:

Thank u very much, for ur informative Infos, Doc.

HH HH says:

Thank you!!!

Zheen Aamir Khan says:

He is so lovely with this kind smile :) bless you doctor

Anju Appu says:

Sir how can we reduce vomiting and nausea….can we do sex during 1st trimester….is it safe…

Pri USA says:

Ginger ale is soda and that’s terrible for you!!! Didn’t feel comfortable with this “expert advice “ :(

terezinha ferreira says:

Very good!!

The pepperoni Show says:

Try ginger its awesome..!! If you don't like the taste add a pinch of salt.

Ruky beauty&cooking says:

U are an angel sir thank u so much

jyoti doultani says:

This was so relaxing video and your patience in talking in very good. Thank you so much for making this video ☺️☺️

aleenasusan sabu says:

Is it normal to have no symptoms on ur first trimester???

Evelyn Appiah says:

Thank you much dear. Pls can i take mint tea for nausea

Wahid Karim says:

Why is a man telling us this? Did go threw a pregnancy?

siddharth narula says:

thank you for sharing this valuable information. The video is full of knowledge that you need TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE-

One Word says:

He speaks so soft and nice. Very nice doctor who can comfort you in this beautiful moments by only speaking .Also he gives great information . For example the vitamin b6 for extreme nausea.

Manogna Manu says:

Thank you sir.
My name is manogna n im frm in my 1st trimester(jst by 4 days,i step into 3rd month),i have a mild pelvic cramping,till now bleeding is not seen….what could be the reason?n is it common problem?

Brianna Chavez says:

I can't stand this guy smiling about putting ice packs on my tender breasts. Why are you so smiley describing cramps… Oh because you've never had them. I'm hormonal, but I hated this video.

Twisted Reina says:

Thank you so much for making this video. It's only the second of manny, manny videos that was educational and to the point. I'm a first-time mom so this puts a lot of questions to rest.

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