Finding out I’m Pregnant!

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Hi friends! Thanks for watching my vlog! I love you!

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The meg McCormack says:

When you were Miranda Miranda when you talk different stuff you said babies were gross and now you're pregnant make up your mind lady make up your mind!!!!!!!!

funneh fan says:

Your not pregnant i can see the line its just one line but congratilion i think i dont no maybe

H says:

yess congratulations happy for you both hope you guys have a great loving family blessed ❤️

BoBa Me says:

my parents had me when they were like 36

Tavahri Allen says:

Hi I’m your biggest fan

s Tamsy says:

Oh my goood. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Lisa Loudsong says:

The animals know if you pregnant so its true❤️

Angelinee Aleman says:


Lilly dah LLAMAAA says:

Omggggggggggggg I came back to see this video again but this is just…. SO SWEEEEEET IM CRYING!

Anna H says:

Watching this and grinning while on a 3 hour car ride lol

Emma Hayman xoxo says:

Omg I’m so SORRY that you had to struggle for my enjoyment cos I had no idea I was at the cork show

Eleenore Brahimovich says:

if it is a girl then name her Miranda :))

Érica Souza says:

congratulations! New Mommy!❤️❤️

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