FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Super Bowl Trailer (2021)

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Kombikers says:


Obi wan Kenobi says:

I was thinking of a sarcastic comment about this being a transformers movie or that I thought I clicked on Godzilla vs King Kong trailer or something and then I got to 3:40 and Jesus Christ what have they done

Ceayon Johnston says:

Han is alive!!!!

Captive Chunk says:

I mean I'm hyped for the movie but when are they going to put an end to it? It's dragged on too far it's not even fast and furious at this point.

Carlos Ran Arce says:

this looks like a
new gta dlc

Mr.hitler , Fuckboi says:

Same movie just different people and locations

randy garza says:

Just in case the creators are looking at this comment section, heres an idea for the fast 10: Brian comes back as a cyborg and has been in undercover this whole time. Meanwhile doms father is actually half man and half komodo dragon and he also makes an appearance but would also explain doms ability to not die. Also make a collab with jurrassic park so we can see car vs dinosaur

RajmiUFO says:

FFS man. Why can't you guys bring back the OG times, the cars? When I see explosions and guns and flying cars, whole thing goes straight into the bin, no cap.

Richard Todorov says:

Would've been better with a Honda Civic CRX jet engine car a la Bob Lazar special

Young dizz stomach says:

The only way fast and furious 10 can be perfect is if they bring back Paul Walker and actually make it about racing

samim samimi says:

Exagerations is not allowed

str8cain2 says:

0:23 this is literally impossible

Freddy says:

Remember when these where about street races

Kidd Thunder says:

Nigga really swung from a rope in a damn car, also Han is back eating his chips

Bizzerk says:

Can't wait not to watch it

Phat Muschle says:

would be great if we could see dom's brother !

Eliezer Vargas mejias says:

Esta gente se esta pasando ya, una pelicula tan buen que era haciendo carreras y ahora tiene mas ciensia ficcion que otra cosa no que ha pasado con rapudoa y furiosos está parte se ve buena pero ya perdió la esencia que tenia de las carreras

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