Essential Steps to Prepare for a Natural Birth!

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How to Prepare for a Natural unmedicated Birth!

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hodsh1 says:

my korean friend kept the vernix on for 2 weeks. said it was part of korean culture.

hodsh1 says:

we truly live in a dystopian world when natural is equated with crazy and witchcraft…

lomax M says:

I'm 2 days away from my due date and trying to quickly read a hypnobirthing, I really like the idea of a natural medatative birth.. thankyou for this video really like your energy <33

T Pham says:

Based on the title, are you a certified consultant?

Mj Merkley says:

Calling it “natural”

Sheena Roach says:

I’m a week away from having my baby, I have watched all of your videos and I can’t thank you enough for all of your info! You have the best attitude and positivity!

Boho Bella says:

I had a blast watching this video, thank you for your input!

katelyn johnson says:

her midwife not making it bc of a flat tire sounds like something from a movie

Malorie says:

Omg, I'm using "was she granola" to describe a hippy now.

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