Eight Months Pregnant Model With Abs Facing Backlash

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Kicking off our “Gma heat index,” the mom-to-be going viral right now. The fitness fanatic is facing big backlash for being in such incredible shape when she’s 8 1/2 months pregnant. Many are wondering if it’s safe. ABC’s aditi Roy tells us. Reporter: It’s the baby bump making a big uproar like many moms-to-be 30-year-old model Sarah stage has been documenting her pregnancy on instagram. I really wanted to have a baby. We don’t know how your body is going to be when you’re pregnant or after the pregnancy. You just hope for the best. Reporter: But it’shese photos showing off her growing Tom and defined abs at 8 1/2 months pregnant that are setting the internet on fire. One person writing online, where’s this baby hiding at? Definitely not her tummy. Another, she needs to feed that baby instead of working how to keep her figure. Others praising stage’s pictures posting you look stunning and are an inspiration. What goes through your mind when you’re Reading those comments? I don’t know how someone could say that to a pregnant woman. My baby is healthy and we’re happy but at the same time a lot of women have been very supportive. Reporter: Stage now nearly 35 weeks pregnant works out twice a week and admits while it’s hard to see in pictures she is definitely growing? My body has changed a lot. I’ve gained 20 pounds so for me it’s definitely I see a difference. Reporter: Doctors say there’s no one size fits all formula as far as pregnancy is concerned. The fact that she looks skinny on instagram does not mean that her baby is growth restricted. If her uterus is the appropriate size, if her baby is measuring appropriately and she has gained an average amount of weight that is medically acceptable. Reporter: As for stage, she is just focusing on her future bundle of joy. As long as the baby is healthy I don’t think anything else matters if you gain 60 pounds, 20 pound, as long as you’re healthy and your baby is healthy that’s all that matters. Reporter: For “Good morning America,” aditi Roy, los Angeles. It is all that matters. As long as the baby is healthy. You can hear much more about Sarah’s experience with mommy shaming tonight on “Nightline.”
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