Disturbed “The Sound Of Silence” 03/28/16

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Disturbed performs a track from their album Immortalized.

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ApeMaya says:


Tammy Gunnell says:

One word…"BEAUTIFUL!"

intersanctum says:

nice but Sivert Høyem would done it way, way better

TheLiesbert says:

awesome ♥♥♥

Richard Flood says:

I was introduced to disturbed a long time ago. You know who you are ;)

jeppemichael says:

This is awesome, been a fan of Disturbed for a long, long time! David's got a great voice! Really liked this version of the song!

knicromaniac says:

Best. ❤

Mikayla Farquhar says:

I am so in love with his voice!!!

Noel Woe says:

Wow I really like this version o_0

TIZI says:

This guy is awesome

Reita Prewitt says:

Excellent rendition of most wonderful piece of music.

Linda Hall says:

David rocks this song

John Dearing says:

It's a spiritual experience listening to this song as it speaks to our reality in the world today. This is an excellent version of it. Being sung solo instead of as a duet makes it a more personal message to those who hear and understand the sounds of silence.

Anne Cullen says:

What a voice

Gnome says:

voice crack at 2:17, lol

Patty Ferguson says:

His voice is amazing, I feel it all the way to my core!

Space Saiyan says:

I prefer the original but damn what a performance!

JesterInc says:

I never like the original version. Especially the beginning of it. This cover is just lame and boring, and Disturbed added nothing new to it. Although i always liked Disturbed. And now the German shitty mainstream radio stations play this song and all the popper-heads have no clue that they are actually a "proper" metal band. Anyways mainstream sux. Horns up

Tinah Brown says:

OMG! That was fantastic! One of my favorite songs!! He did an amazing job! I got goosebumps and feel in love with this guy!!!


I get goosebumps every time I hear this.

wheeliedart says:

the world seems to seek a void, never wishing for it to be filled with Love.

Anne Calder says:

A present for you on this rainy – but warm! – fall day XO – Jill Claussen-Munro!

Mama Jill says:

Have Mercy! totally badass

kloppskalli says:

guy has an amazing voice but ruins it with too much metal macho waarr waarrr..

Gerd Hutwalker says:

a beautiful and powerful song and it is full of feeling

Édouard Boutin says:

Merci Disturbed U made my day

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