Derrick Rose Destroys Celtics Carrying Entire Pistons! Pistons vs Celtics

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Derrick Rose Destroys Celtics Carrying Entire Pistons! Pistons vs Celtics January 15, 2019-20 NBA Season

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jekkt says:

after almost 10 years, d rose is back to his old game just more slow and clean. hard work pays off

Bruce Benson says:

That floater…. is 01:36..He perfected the float. How many teams looked over this man… He loves the game of basketball and isn't after a check. He NEEDS a ring and I hope he contends soon.

linwood dexter says:

Hard work always pays off

Erocknrolla says:

D Rose and his floaters these days, holy cow they are so deadly, he just casually tosses the ball in the air, people are like wtf and it goes in the basket. 2 points, effortless

Damien Jô says:

if you don't like d rose, there is something wrong with you plain and simple.

Timsong official says:

Rose is back

Toyama Isbest. says:

Drose Drose Drose…. Drose!

Solokey says:

The REAL Goat.

Rubens Joseph says:

So Lebron sold out that game to the Celtics the other night from what i understand.

Cairo Wilson says:

Y'all act like he garbage or something! Every highlight he showing u he's a complete player now, not the young gunner anymore. Yes he can put up 20pts every night but he can do so much more than that now. Pay attention to his calm approach he shows when hes closing out games now..grown ass man now y'all..

Michael Campbell says:

Look at the crossover …Mvp..

schemerboi says:

how were boston fans not chanting MVP for D Rose? straight legendary moment right in front of their eyes. i would’ve been going crazy.

TheGarcinator says:

thats a pro if I've ever seen one. keep it up DROSE!



Akeem Towns says:

0:55 that pass was nassssssty

Sheungbun Yu says:

that detroit jersey is really ugly

Red velvet Cake says:

If there is a talent that you have very well respect that person for that

ESSE says:

Is there no more defense in the NBA? WHAT A JOKE

Cj says:

36 boomed on the third yes human to anime everyone

James C says:

Damn D. Rose playing like the old D Rose

sokol hema says:

All ⭐ Rose.

shido gaming says:

Drose lets go

the jackel says:

Thought he was washed up, glad I was wrong…

Jaden Michael says:

So happy 4 him….but im a celtics fan…but happy 4 him

Prime Interests says:

The floater king

Terrance the Genius says:

Rose for lonzo ball anyone?? Lolz

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