Cruising Exercises to Encourage Walking

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Here are three cruising exercises that our physical therapist had taught us to prepare for walking. Cruising is a precursor to walking, so we wanted to make sure cruising was well established. Often times torticollis will improve once the baby starts walking.

For step-by-step written instructions with photos of the exercises, check out this blog post:

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I am not a physical therapist or medical professional. I have no special training or education in treating torticollis. I am simply a mother sharing our family’s journey treating our daughter’s torticollis. This YouTube channel contains videos describing her physical therapy exercises based on her specific torticollis presentation. I am not recommending these physical therapy exercises for your child.

If you wish to use any of these physical therapy exercises (seen on the My Torticollis Baby YouTube channel, blog, and/or other forms of social media) on your own child, you should first seek approval from your child’s physical therapist. You should also make sure your child’s condition has been accurately diagnosed by a medical professional. You should never do any exercises on your child without getting explicit approval from your child’s physical therapist. In addition, my videos about physical therapy exercises should not be used as a substitution for your child going to physical therapy.

You should only do physical therapy exercises that are recommended for your child by his/her physical therapist. Torticollis can present differently in each child and physical therapy exercises are often specifically catered to the type and severity of torticollis, as well as to the age and abilities of your child. Please do not do any of these exercises on your baby without first seeking explicit approval from your child’s physical therapist. Improper use of physical therapy exercises could result in injury.


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