Corset Training/Waist Training After Baby ( Week 4 Update Belly Shot, Q&A, My Corset Collection)

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Only 4 weeks into my return to corset training and I absolutely love the changes I’m starting to see. I’m also 2.5 months postpartum. A few of you wanted to see my corset collection. Gonna answer a few questions I’ve gotten and also give you a belly shot.


Tania Beltran (Hermosa) says:

hello I want to wear a waist trainer after I give birth to get my body shape back how long should I wait after giving birth.. can I jump on after I give birth

xomikayla ! says:

Sorry I didn't catch the name of the place you get them from? Also are they all steel boned corsets? :)

Maria Ventura says:

Hi, I am 4 weeks post partum, do you recommend I start now or did you wait until after your 6 week check up? Thanks for the very informative video!

Lexa Miller says:

is it hard to do things with the little one when youre wearing it?

Jenni Gonzalez says:

after deliverying your baby how soon did you start waist training???

TheAquafina8946 says:

I jus started training for 3 days now and for the 2nd and 3rd day I have worn my corset for 4hrs then off 4 hrs……these steps I repeat until I reach a total of 12 hrs…..will I see results?…..and also is it a must to increase tightness to get the desired curves…..I do wear it pretty tight and have increase the tightness….but I don't want to look like the lady from the genies book…any advice?

Latavia Newton says:

does it help with getting rid of the pooch. I waist train with waist train garments and I workout. the pooch is still hanging on.

missj Stephens says:

off topic but are you nursing?

butywbrainz says:

Hi souljagurlsha. I found you searching for corset training instructionals. Your videos are so practical. I wish that I'd known to wear a corset after each of my two children. your belly is looking fantastic! I'm vegan, I use crave or nivea moisturizing creams, and I drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and work out about 40 min per day. I still have a pouch that is SO difficult to trim down. I want to try waist training, but haven't the slightest way to start? When I search retail in my area, they sell generic corsets that aren't designed to hold much(no lace up). Can you recommend wear I can get a couple to start? Probably, you've already answered this, but since I'm new, I'm not familiar with the brands that you use yourself.

Kellee Walker says:

very informative Thank you for sharing.You are beautiful.

Keysha Luna says:

closing the corset?? what does that mean exactly ?

snowy10210 says:

Well done sweetheart … keep up the good job

OnceuponAbaby says:

great advice!

dinahmite425 says:

girl u lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks what the im sooooo jealous go girl what the heck d u d u do was it all p90x how much did u loose with p90x

natalee3230 says:

u look amazing!

LadyShavonne says:

If I didn't follow your pregnancy, I would have NEVER believed that you had a baby almost 3 months ago. YOU ARE SNATCHED!!! #lifegoals #mommygoals

Don Arnold says:

You look great in the corset, but I was really amazed how great your belly looked when you took it off. Very impressive!

stareingharder says:

Your boobies look bigger

Angela Simmons says:

Great advice Sis your looking wonderful

pj69sparkles says:

wow do you recommend the workout videos you do and where do you get them your stomach looks great

ButTheyCallMeShay says:

Definitely seeing a change. Good job lil momma

Laverne Beck says:

Hello Lady, its been sometime that gone by, Congrats on baby boy he's so cute. I'm happy to see you back in the groove of fitness.  I ran my first 13.1  trying to do all the right things, I'm down 22pds from Jan1 to now, slow but working it.  The last 30 pds are the hardest.

Ana v says:

You look great!! Thumbs up!!TFS

Mood in between says:

Wow you look great.

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