Coronavirus Pregnancy Tips | Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic can present some unique challenges. Many hospitals are changing protocols of how many individuals can be present during labor and delivery. OB offices are also changing practices, visits, and so on. Some women are even considering home births so as to avoid entering a hospital setting and risking infection.

As we mentioned in our last video, pregnant women are now considered high risk by many healthcare organizations. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that you’re following the CDC’s guidelines, as well as the advice of your healthcare provider in your state or country.

In this video, Nurse Sarah offers some tips on navigating this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during a pregnancy. Pregnant women will want to continue social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, and so on.

This video also shares some insight into things Nurse Sarah has been facing during her pregnancy, and ways that she has been planning the arrival of her new baby in the midst of quarantine and social distancing.

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Leo Biggs says:

In my second trimester. The face mask makes me very nauseous. Any advice?

JBN Healthy Life says:

Thanks for your tips of Pregnancy During Covid-19 Pandemic

elizabella716 says:

I am giving birth literally this week or next! Even with the pandemic, this is exciting for me. I am 32 and literally thought I was going to just have one kid for life. Now I will have one of each, and someday I will sit my child down and explain how crazy the world was during the pandemic lol. Blessings to all and strength for the journey!

jisa bee // says:

hello is it possible to experience pregnancy symptoms even though someone intercoursed 7 months ago?

Anacely Valdez says:

What do you recommend if you work in the hospital where you are exposed with covid and it's hard to breath with a mask?

dianayang says:

Can a pregnant woman pick up Food To Go?? Quick order online and pick up?? what are the chances?

BarrigaFamily says:

Thanks for the tips , I had my baby 3 weeks ago , and it was a scene but we got through it! Luckily my husband was allowed to stay with me

vanessa nungaray says:

Is any one pregnant and still working?
I am 17 weeks pregnant & I'm still working. I'm a concerned if I should stop & just stay home, just to minimize the risk. I was wondering is there women in the same situation.

Fawad Aryan says:

i love your work I salute.. I'm from Pakistan and I'm a Generic nurse and I'm your new subscriber wishes all the best…. take care mam

Montara Cureton says:

hello, could you do a video on explaining ventilator settings and arterial lines. I absolutely love how you explain things in simple terms

Cat Sun says:


ItsYemisi says:

I'm a 4 month pregnant health care worker living in Canada. I just wish the government can implement an emergency benefit plan for pregnant women working in high risk environments like long term care, hospitals, and home care during this time so we can stay home. But, I'm just taking it day by day and with the grace of God.

Queen Naki says:

I'm 6 months pregnant and I haven't been outside since March 14th. I don't want to take any chances. I had a bad bad cold in December. It almost felt like the coronavirus. I was able to recover but it took months to get rid of that dry cough. Not taking anymore chances. That was back in my 1st trimester.

Nanda Baburaj says:

Ur jzt awsome –Kindly do some videos on mental health nursing ( schizophrenia, depression, mania ,and other important topics

Sabrina Alishayeva says:

May GOD bless you & family during such a time. Wishing you a safe delivery.

Maddison Lozano says:

Just found out I’m pregnant a couple of weeks ago so I am sooo thankful for this. As an ICU nurse, I was very concerned about coming into contact with our covid patients. But my nurse manager has been nothing but supportive and has me in the Stepdown unit for the time being❤️

Elia Gutierrez says:

Is the scholarship commercial with your video true?

Lian Liu says:

NOW I AM A RN now, but I still watch your vedio to review the medical knowledge

Lian Liu says:

I AM GOING TO work as a COVID-19 RN soon, I AM SO nervous without enough PPE

lilanie p. says:

My daughter tested positive, while pregnant and history of bad asthma. She did well. Only negative thing was she was separated from her baby. But baby snd she ate good and she’s breastfeeding.

Allison Dean says:

Sarah, could you please do a video on HIV/AIDS? Thank you :)

Von says:

Thanks for this video. What about pregnant nurses working on the covid unit? Any recommendations?

Ana Larson says:

Keep baby with you they are best with mom.

Ana Larson says:

Good for health pregnant or not- chicken soup, green smoothies and juices, lemon water and vinegar water like a tea. Blessings to the journey and good health for all

Ana Larson says:

Can you details on rh – rhogram and how to deal with various issues like sensitization and so on.

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