Colin Farrell Dropped the Parental Ball by Watching 'It' with His Son

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Colin Farrell admitted to Ellen the “parental dropping of the ball of epic proportions” by watching the horror movie “It” with his 8-year-old son. The Hollywood star also shared his excitement about playing The Penguin in the upcoming film “The Batman,” what it was like jumping into icy cold water in Greenland, and about his new movie, “The Gentlemen.”

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Neli Benevides says:

Thanks for the video I ask about him some days ago, thanks so much

Kyla James says:

Well from this comment section I think it's safe to say that we all know where Adidas is from and how to pronounce it properly now

Ronnie Perry says:

I can understand him now after all these years

Rafael Ferreira says:

in ireland we pronounce the way he did .. god he acts like a normal guy that u find in any pub here in dublin

Edithsita says:

Whats the name of the city/place in the north pole?

Ollie Suchankova says:

where is his Irish accent ???not so strong anymore…miss it.was so sexy

Dayanna Noh says:

I love her but I never liked how rudely she interrumps her guests… a good host should know a sweet and professional way to interrumps their guest or changing the direction of conversation.

Naheed R says:

Elen please help Charity Human well-being first

Steven Collier says:

He's STILL sexy as fuck..

Annie colin says:

Love ya colin

Schabo1234 says:

"Adidas " …Collin get the pronouncing a 100% right ! Everyone´s laughing…but there´re all wrong except Mr. Farrell ! German Company !!! Hahaha

Schabo1234 says:

Love that guy ! He is "cool " indeed !!

Ginger D says:

I know they're friends and it's her show, but Ellen gets more and more rude the longer this show is on air.

Ginger D says:

Adidas is a German brand and Americans have always mispronounced it. Colin is saying it right.

Bogdan s says:

I wish i was collin farrel :))

Callum Corcoran says:

I'm happy to see a Ireland man playing my favourite batman villain, I'm very proud of you lad

Candace Weatherlow says:

Great storytelling. What a remarkable skill

Candace Weatherlow says:

Well rounded and extremely talented. Also easy on the eyes

Lei Letelemaana says:

Finally someone is bringing back The Penguin not sure if Colin will do it justice after Devito, shall wait and see!

Lucky Penny says:

actually the grey looks more natural than the black

Altrim J90 says:

He is a great actor hope to nail it

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