ChildbirthClass Video 02

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These videos were created several years ago and the curriculum has been updated since that time. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the handouts/manual from this class. We do have live zoom classes available for a fee, including some by the instructor in this class,an online education program for a fee also, and a free pregnancy texting platform for throughout your pregnancy. For more information


Tricia Theophile says:

My second child I started laboring at home after a full day of shopping. So I told my husband at the time, he need to take me to the hospital, but watch the potholes in Brooklyn streets. But then I told him look just drive in the potholes,baby might come faster. Well guess what , from the moment I reach the hospital which was about 5:30 am, by the time i was checked in( was supposedto give birth in the Bronx), find a room, this boy was born at 8: 10 am. One delievery doctor for a few women who was in labor. Labor stories are the best.

Eric Eric says:

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Shereen Smith says:

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Triin V says:

Oh my god she is so sweet!!

MamaG G says:

I’m pregnant with baby #9. Some of my labour’s are less than an hour, with doctors/midwives not getting there on time. My contractions would be 3 minutes each. And dialating to 10 cm within 1/2 an hour. Know your body, because not all labours are according to a chart.

jasminejdotcom says:

Youtube has been trying to get me to watch this video for over a month…well, I left autoplay on and youtube finally got me.

Cassie x says:

I'm due end of December , this video is very helpful :) thank you!

Breonna Taylor says:

pardonne moi j'ai sept grossesses dont un mort la huitième

Robin Cockrum says:

It’s Ok to say Dad or Father! But otherwise great video!

manoj kumar says:


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Chama Parker says:

Paul is uncomfortable

Mental Health Healing Man says:

Apollo is my favorite character!

Binu Pradeep says:

Thanks a lot for this wonderful, informative series. Such a blessing in times like these. Quick request , can you please share the link to download the presentations or notes shown in this class? Thanks again. Really appreciate the service.

Alanna says:

I think my favorite husband is the one in orange

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