Childbirth Class Video 01

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These videos were created several years ago and the curriculum has been updated since that time. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the handouts/manual from this class. We do have live zoom classes available for a fee, including some by the instructor in this class,an online education program for a fee also, and a free pregnancy texting platform for throughout your pregnancy. For more information


Msi vangchhia says:

I have thyroid and gynae problem can iget pregnant or not
Some people says its so hard to get pregnant for thyroid problem

Kristina Sandnes says:

Anyone due DEC 20 or JAN 21? ❤️ What kind of births are you planning for? I want an unmedicated birth, in water hopefully, inspired by hypnobirth, but with my own little twists. I know it can go all ways, but so far that's what I want.

Fayth Osborn says:

I'm not even pregnant I'm 14!!! Why am I here? IDK. Am I staying? Yes. Why? No clue really no clue

soriha proeung says:

I have 7 weeks left and this is very helpful, especially when I don’t have any experience with baby and being a first time mom

The fnaf says:

Awesome teacher!

Eric Eric says:

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Mady Woodruff says:

Due March 2021 during another lock down. I'm thankful as a first time mom to have videos like this.

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Zandile Ntsipho says:

Thank you for this Video , due to Covid I have not attended any classes due to covid and I have learnt a lot

Williams Smith says:

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Faith Morgan Nails says:

i was born in tucson!! what a coincidence! i am very thanful for these videos being someone who cannot afford to take a lot of classes…

Anna Biing says:

Babies stations are not always an indication how far/close your labor is. My second was floating when I came to the hospital and he was born in 1.5h

Dusty fire Gaming says:

Which side am I on the wierd side or the child friendly side???

alessia amara says:

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Gwen Horsley says:

Covid has limited so much for us first time moms. Thank you for putting this on YouTube.

Enasa Jackson says:

Gosh do ii EVER APPRECIATE this class/es……..this teacher is GREAT ii like her! though ii have done this a couple times REMINDERs and ReFRESHERS are a MUST for ME

Danie Jo Larsen says:

i'm learning i'm about 30 weeks pregnant

Looney A says:

This video was so helpful, I’m so overwhelmed because of COVID and it’s my first pregnancy, I’m so glad I was able to find this informative video

Obiageli Adegbite says:

Having my first baby in early February second lockdown so grateful for This

lauren lee says:

Im glad i came accross thes videos I'm due in Feb. with my first baby and covid has made it hard to find classes thank you for the videos.

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