Child Development: Your Baby at 12 Months

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Dr. Glenn Tripp, a Developmental Pediatrician with Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center, shows you typical milestones and learning at the 12 months of age stage. Your baby likely will be shy with strangers, begin to dress themselves, cries when parent leaves the room, waves bye-bye, says mama and dada, bangs toys together, follows simple directions, puts things in/out of container, walks holding onto furniture, stands alone and may take 2-3 steps.


TheBlues088 says:

0:34 they probably took 33 takes for that beautiful smile.

happy_. jelly says:

im helping my lil sister lol

Dianaaa :3 says:

my nephew is 7 months and already said dada! and he already crawls and starts walking!!!!

Sharhonda Dawson says:


Robongun says:

My nies is able to walk at 9 months with no help

MsLuminescence says:

Dr. Tripp, you did a great job! Thank you!

Jennifer Morrison says:

My nephew is 12 months old.

Heena Sharma says:

Mam mairi baiti bhaut kamjor h wo 12 month ki ho gyee h

SlavicGirl BG says:

Re-watched 02:03 10 times. It's just ridicilous :D.

Pera P says:

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Jairus Aries says:

I ned this because i kept shouting at my baby nephew :( now i hate myself

Ragu Manju says:

Thanku sir give good information

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