Child Birth. Introducing Kara

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Baby Kara is Born! But it was Drama… Check out the footage from start to finish!

Announcement video:
Gender Reveal:

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Dara Monroe says:

Due date February 6 this video made me cry this is such a beautiful thing

MusicQueen1990 Williams says:

Awwww congratulations I'm literally crying good job Mom you did amazing

Tracy K says:

Absolutely beautiful labor, delivery, baby, mommy, daddy and everyone. Congrats and God Bless you all.

Brenda Coley says:

i go in tomorrow to have my baby i should of never watch these im scared now.

Misty Plascencia says:

Omg… good job Mama! Such a beautiful family!@

Will Iwin says:

Beautiful baby, beautiful children, beautiful family. ☺️

Gladys L Ramos says:

That was beautiful

Modern Mommy Toronto says:

Great job girl! You did amazing so proud of you!

Ky Fagan says:

I'm due decemeber 20th this scared me!!

Laura Pedraza says:

"you're welcome" who the heck says something like that to woman after she births a child….

Phongsri Eng says:

Happy Birthday Kara

Nyhna Law says:

You did an amazing job. I cried when you cried!!

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