Cartoon Comic Collections (Vol. 1)

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When I was 16 I started making content for the internet through a web-comic called TheOdd1sOut. Now 8 years later I decided to animate some of the ones I liked the most.
If you like this series and want to see more let me know by giving this video a like. If you hated this video, don’t worry, a more traditional Odd1s video is already in the works. Hope you have a good day :)

911: Operator
Throw-up guy:

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Skyler Holmes says:

Cyanide and happiness

SavagePlaysRoblox says:

He finally made a video i’m so excited to watch this

Painted Furry says:

When a tomato stem grows at the bottom

MTerm says:

ASDF but awesomeness

kristen cain says:

are you and jaiden animations dating???? ya'll would be a cute couple!!!

Daniel Felipe says:

2:23 someone plz do this

SodaPop says:

what the hell did I just watch?

Bot.o says:

what happened to the audio??

Zozo says:

All this needs is the static wavy tv screen and that sound it makes between clips and it would be even MORE perfect

Michael Welsh says:

He Has coranaaaaaaaaaa

Mikamika Mooshroom cat says:

james are you furry?

Amir Baljevic says:

Is it just me or it's that james messed something up with the audio. Once the first comic played along, the audio from the second comic played. The audio was out of sync, and as well as the video too. One more comic played after the 3:09 mark. Then the credits played with no audio.

gabriel castro says:

É tava procurando comentários falsos para denunciar pro youtube

Sheryl Castaneda says:

The 1st part Was Brokenn

Ryan Oxenford says:

The audio is all messed up

A&C Gaming says:

Umm. Who else’s video sound is not lined up with the video. Like, at all?

Dean Landsword says:

Uh-oh. James just did an oopsie.

Cody Myers says:


Nam Đặng says:

Cow licking angel's ear intensifies

Luke's Karate and Gaming says:

holy bible people

UnicornPet! says:

I just saw this now and I’m already subscribed and have notifications on but I didn’t get the notification..

Luke's Karate and Gaming says:

Its a holy cow

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