Can I Really Have a Pain-Free Birth? – HypnoBirthing for Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth

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HypnoBirthing is a calm, gentle and natural birthing process where mothers connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies through deep, hypnotic relaxation techniques.

In HypnoBirthing, affirmations are used to condition the mind to expect a fantastic birth, while also transforming birthing language. For example, “contractions” become “surges” or “waves” and “pushing” becomes “breathing the baby down”.

HypnoBirthing is as gentle on mom as it is on her brand-new baby. It is such a gentle process that some HypnoBirthing babies don’t even cry when they come into this world!

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Shay Brown says:

currently in my frst trimester and this is the rout I'm goin

Farah Hassan says:

Thank you so much, Rebekah! I love that your goal is to educate and empower women to make the right choices. I feel that these videos did just that for me. I am expecting baby #2 in late October and came across hypnobirthing. I realised I really had nothing negative to say about my first labour and as I read and watch more about hypnobirthing, I was already doing parts of it during my first labour without knowing that it is part of the hypnobirthing formula. I am a Muslim residing in Malaysia and one of the things I did the most during labour was thanking God countless of times for all (ALL) the things I've been given – including the pain I was feeling at that time. The more intense the pain I felt, the more I was thankful because my mother never experienced labour pain. Her water broke and she did not feel any pain and almost did not dilate at all hence she had to go into emergency Cesarean after several hours of waiting. A lot of women WANTS to experience natural birth but due to complications are not able to and there I was, being given the sensation (although it is just pain) that led to a natural childbirth so I only had thanks to give to Him the whole time for it. I love our government (Malaysian) hospitals' birthing policies as they are very supportive of natural and drug free birth. At most we were given was entonox (though you may ask for an epidural if you feel the need to).
The question of "Is the mother in danger? Is the baby in danger?" is really the question they (medical staff) ask themselves before suggesting any drugs for us – even for Cesarean births. Thank you so much for this series and you're right – Grace does look and sound like an angel. Your prayer and all those reading for my safe delivery would mean a lot!

MPages22 says:

I watched a birth vlog yesterday where the lady did hypnobirthing, which she learned through hypnobabies. I think maybe I'd heard it mentioned in passing before, but nothing really in detail and she was so calm the whole time. I was actually watching other birth vlogs and came across your video on your drug free home birth hypnobirthing story, so I became interested and of course watched the series you made on hypnobirthing. I really think that is the way I want to go. I've said since my husband and I started trying, that I want to try to have a drug free birth. I still plan to do it at a hospital just in case, but this is my first pregnancy, so it will be kind of to put my mind at ease as a precaution mostly. I'm not against intervention as you both stated because I know realistically things happen, but I really want to have a natural birth for me and my baby. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and I'm hoping to be able to purchase the HypnoBabies course as soon as I can. Sorry for the long in depth comment, but I'm just so appreciative for your videos because otherwise I probably just would have gone in with no plan in mind except to make my way through without medications hopefully. Thank you both so much!!!

Amadu Peal says:

Can you do an meditation on patience

Roanna Weiss says:

I did hypnobirthing (studied on my own) and I had a wonderful birthing experience! I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Princess Banger says:

I have a five year old who recently saw me mediating. I introduced it to him but  He is an energetic & has short a short attention span as do a lot of young children. Can you make a video for young children or give any advice on this matter. Thank you & keep doing the videos. We are listening and you are a blessing to us all.

Rachel Raucher says:

So glad you are sharing this information!  I'm a Clinical Hypnotist outside of Dallas and helping my clients manage discomfort – whether for birthing, pre/post-surgery, or chronic issues – is one of the greatest blessings in my job!

Stephanie Lupien says:

Can't wait to hear from you if it worked !

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