Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

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Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
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Cheyenne Letney says:

This song is the best!!!!

Deeksha Hota says:

Bruno Mars is amazing.

Kimberly Goad says:

Thanks I miss him every day

Tyler Unknown says:

Who's watching this in 2017

UnknowN ChanneL says:

This Guy is truly awesome

xxcronxx1 favio says:

it still hurts

Nevel Gamed says:

oohh ohhh ohh

Alessia Winter says:

I ain't dancing with another man

Callum Elcock says:

This song reminds me of my ex that I loved so much and she dumped me because I was apparently so drifting away now she is dating my friends friend. To all the guys , only date a girl you know you can trust

Light Fairy says:

I am done with life I can't do this anymore I am going to miss my family but I am going through so much that I am done. Nobody even cares if I leave so what is the point.

Hazem RBLX says:

#I AM WACHING IN 2017 LOL Best song ever

Anthony Mercado says:

march 12 2017

Mini Molecule says:

jumpcuts to rap god

Emad Ehab says:

My favorite song ever
the end always make me very sad
those days will never come back

Kayla Sherwood says:

I used to listen to a lot of this kind of music not much anymore now I listen to bvb and falling in reverse more

Canaan Jones says:

My ex was so much better than me she didn't need some one like me she deserved some one better so I broke up with her then she started dating someone else and tho I was happy that she got what she wanted I was hurt I still am hurt I miss her smile I miss her beautiful hazel eyes but the same day the guy asked her out i wanted her back so I was like wait on me so we can talk I got down there then thought I was to good and got cocky and didn't tell her how I felt and then the guy asked her out that some day…moral of the story take chances cause in the end you'll regret the chances you didn't take

Afiska Yunika says:

if u dont understand about me, you go

Arvin Aljaidy says:

Bruno mars you Know me bro.

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