Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like [Official Video]

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Directed by Bruno Mars and Jonathan Lia

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mrcso111 says:

Is no one going to comment on the amazing video editing?

Well Hackzz says:

Woahh, He's the daddy of Justin Bieber when it comes the expression and dance moves…Amazingggggggggggg

Alissa Anderson says:

My favorite song! I actually made a a video dancing to this, check it out here! And don't forget to follow :)

gadour hrizy says:

Bruno Mars

Alphatroop 299 says:

50,365,577 ppl cant dance (me too XD)

Abigail Ehret says:

I love it!!!!!!

Victória Fernandes says:

esse cara é um absurdo!!! poço de talento

Sofia Vega says:

Too sexual for me.

Abby Moore says:

this song is only about money and looks i get it that he makes 205 million a year but stiill i mean thats not right i know im going to get a lot of shade thrown at me for this but its true listen to some lyrics " i got a condo in manhatten baby girl whats happening you and your shh invited so gon and get clapping . jump in the cadilac . go jewlery shinning so bright strawberry shampine on ice silk sheets and diamonds all white shoping sprees in paris everything 24 karat . i mean girls dont care about the money they just want a good and nice man . also you dont need to brag i mean some people are homless and your braging about money

zero clones86 says:

aww he so small and even tho I'm not a fan of hers this is like a male versionof a beyonce song mainly because of the beat

Blai Anguera says:

defenetly he is a master butacas the King is still Michel Jackson

Rickayla Wallace says:

love it its my favourite

Marine Pidoux says:

cest un clip de dingue j'adore

Little Fish says:

The Definition Of Swag.

Ana María Schwörer says:

Cool dance , my
favorite song

Edward McCaffer says:

It's a very long musically

Abry Anderson says:

I love him but he just asks so cool he's not so amazing ship like who agrees with me B-)

Hollie Pashley says:

such a great song, I love all of his songs they are just amazing :) :)

Jessica Tuttle says:

He's killing it

Kid Cobra says:

# Bless # …. Yi sus …

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