Birth Defects? Pain? Kicking? Pregnancy Update 3 ( 4 months + Belly)

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Hey guys!!! This is my 3rd pregnancy update. I am in the second trimester and 4 months. Specifically i am about 18 weeks! In this video i talk about second trimester symptoms, doctors visits, ultrasounds, craving, pregnancy must haves and more! Hope you Enjoy!

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My name is Ariyana but all my friends call me Ari! My username means Love Ari! Amor is latin for love. I am currently in college as a sophomore and i have been vlogging my journey since move in day freshman year! I found out I am pregnant so i decided to vlog my pregnancy!! So in other word I’m sharing my life! I also incorporate all things beauty like fashion, makeup, hair etc! I hope you like my vids and choose to subscribe to be a part of the #AriArmy :)

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Miss B. says:

Wow, my daughter is pregnant and she isn’t even showing yet.

Ashely Díaz says:

I'm gonna be done with my 3 months in 2 weeks and I gained 2 pounds. I was at 118 since forever and now I'm 120.

Monique West says:

I found out the gender at 14weeks now 17

kiki Curry says:

Wow!!! 18 weeks!! So exciting!!! Im 13 weeks im excited to get to my 2nd trimester!!

BeautyByEri says:

you are so freakin cute

latisha adams says:

Drink gatorade it really help you need at least one or 2 a week I'm pregnant now and this my first pregnancy I'm 36 weeks

LOL Jahz says:

Omg girl we’re gonna be due the same day ! I’m having a girl though I found out at my 18 week yesterday ☺️

Monica P says:

Maybe you should buy some comfy slides for your feet. Your feet can breathe without restriction if it’s swollen.

its ashdagoalz says:

You are really growing and glowing ❤️

ryan says:

is your baby going to be born in november?

Syerra H. says:

I think it’s going to be a boy lol

Cathy Kay says:

although i feel like you’re gonna have a girl, i hope that if you do have a boy you name him Jeremiah

Briana Downing says:

My neck has been hurting a lot lately. Maybe I need a pregnancy pillow too. Other than that I sleep well at night and I'm at 20 weeks.

R Oki says:

Muscle cramps and spasms can be caused by lack of water but also electrolytes. Talk to your Dr and Parents about adding this to your diet to help. I had the same issue when pregnant and drinking one powerade a day helped. You body as a pregnant woman is much like an athlete always working, so the balance can get thrown off. Be careful though some have a lot of sugar. I like Powerade the sodium, magnesium and potassium levels in that helped me out. Also in a quick pinch a banana works too!


Good Morning how are you doing today and the baby as well

Cadra Loves says:

My little sister has Down syndrome and she’s beyond sweet and smart!

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