Best New Mom Tips: Swaddle a Baby, Change a Diaper, and More! | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

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There are a ton of things you need to know when you become a first time parent. That’s why Sharzad Kiadeh shared some of her best new mom tips with Susan Yara. You’ll see her favorite products as well as how to do some basic mom tasks like swaddling and changing diapers. Watch this video to see what happens!

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Renee Barger says:

I'm going to be a grandma in August so I am searching channels for my daughter in law. Need to see what new products etc have come out in the last 25 years! One thing I learned from my grandmother on changing or bathing boys: Take a warm wash cloth (even dry) and lay it over the penis area before you pull that diaper down. When the air hits that area, boys will squirt. But if you cover the area, you are well. . . Covered.

Евгения Руденко says:

Thanks for the video :) And here are some breastfeeding tips that many new mom may find really helpful

Jess Roy says:

Sharzad u r from Iran.

Cody Banks says:

Does HUGGIE’S work for you, I’ve never tried them?

Cody Banks says:

I like that big teddy bear

Carla Rios says:

Poor Baby lol

Nisha Romero says:

This is the best video ever, I feel like I don’t know any basics and I’m full term so this is amazing! Thank you so much!

Victoria Beckham says:

Baby boys need a peepee teepee those are so cool! Haha

Nykia Smith says:

I’ve never heard the thing about hearing another baby crying making your boobs leak!

Ilya Elis says:

I am a man, and I am subscribed… embarrassing is that!

michelle spinos says:

What a brilliant video

michelle spinos says:

I almost exited at your intro.. but I’m glad I stayed.. the video was fucking funny!

Stephanie Perez says:

I’m 6 months pregnant ! Love this video thank you so much ♥️

Geri L. says:

Would love to offer you a free product from Babee Boundreez on FB and Shopify!

Summer Britton says:

Omg all of this is terrifying.

Sandhya 1310 says:

You guys are amazing…. loved the video…


This is soooo uncomfortable for the baby. Baby can't move his arms I just hate swaddling.

Alexandra Alwine says:

It amazes me that some pregnant women don't even know how to change a diaper? I'm 16 weeks preg. And would probably not get pregnant until I at least knew how to change a diaper.

renee skoyles says:

Loved this video! Thanks for the tips as a first time mom to be, I appreciate it.

Susanne Nielsen says:

You should not Wear that Much makeup when your Pregnant…

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