Back in the Labour Ward: Prayer is Key – My Pregnancy Diaries – Chapter 13

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oladayo ifelowo says:

Congrats dollop. GOD bless your new born


Congrats to you and your husband on the arrival of your baby boy. I'm sure his arrival makes it all worth the while. God bless and keep you D

katriel007 says:

Can't wait to hear final testimony of healthy mum and baby Amen x

inem frank says:

The Lord is your strength and he will see you through in Jesus name. Hang in there, like the Hebrew women you will deliver .

Gbeyiwa Alalade says:

Being a Mother just automatically turns you to a prayer Warrior. You automatically want/need to protect your child. That's why you have more women in Church, Lol!. On a serious note though, I totally enjoy your videos. You just continue to speak life and positivity into every situation, speak to your baby, place your baby in God and don't give room for negative thoughts. You'll be fine. Can't wait to see you with your baby. Cheers!

Omolola Fagade says:

I totally agree with you regarding the book. Confessing God's Word and positive affirmations is the way to go, it keeps you calm in the midst of the storm. I did that in both my pregnancies cause I used to be the very pessimistic type. God has already seen you through and you would your child effortlessly and easily like the Hebrew women.

TheNessaKAYY says:

GOD is in control and you know it! Xx

Dekemi Diaries says:

it is well with you in Jesus name. pregnancy is a roller coaster of events though. wish you safe delivery.

iamyours2088 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this! God bless you. I really needed to hear this. I've been praying a lot more this year and have faced some health challenges. I'll remember to keep praying and to put "faith over fear" May you have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Asiana Nicole says:

The Almighty will see you through this pregnancy and thereafter.You will deliver like the Hebrew women. Your firm faith and trust in Him will not fail you because He that delivers Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.Be still He has got you Marcy.

O Runi says:

You still look fabulous as always, the good Lord will see you through this amazing journey IJN

faith Owas says:

The Lord is your strength, the same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my first son I was bleeding till I put to birth but thank God it ended in praise and my son is 5 years old today

Funmi Oke says:

What the lord has proclaimed over you, will come to pass in Jesus Name. He is faithful to perform, He has said it, and it is so for you!  I admire your Faith!!!!

Gloria Gloria says:

The lord is your strength it's such a beautiful experience I wish I had mine recorded two months ago you will definitely come out victorious.

Titilope Fajinmi says:

It is well with you dear, the Lord will see you through and just like the Hebrew women you will bring forth with ease and joy. The book Supernatural childbirth is a very good one which I will recommend for all pregnant women, I used it and it sure worked for me. Dolapo stay strong and stay blessed, we will rejoice with you soon.

Christie Aluko says:

All will be well my dear. As long as the baby is 37 weeks gestation, the baby can come. Baby is full term at 37 weeks .No problem.

REM REM says:

It is well dear. God is definitely in control and thank you for sharing your journey with us I've had my fair share when I was in my first trimester . Faith over Fear I'm telling myself this daily.

Amy Adidu says:

I can't say this enough… Thanks for sharing! God bless you immeasurably

Kemi Penélopê says:

This here is definitely one of my favorite diary…

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