baby's moving at 5 months tummy

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Jamsheela K says:

3:6. He is the One Who is shaping you in the wombs as He wishes; there is no Deity except Him, the Exalted, the Wise.

It is told in verse 59: 24 that He is Lord Allah, the Creator of the soul, the Maker of the body and the Synchronizer of the soul with body; to Him belongs names submitted by the Best Book Adhikr; whatever in Heavens and in Earth glorifies Him, He is the Exalted, the Wise. See explanation 2: 28 and 129.

From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book

B*Shanell says:

Everyone saying she’s breathing lol well i would hope so! But besides her breathing you can actually see on the right side

Anjelica rose Delan says:

4 months pregnant nag start na sya mag move ,pintig minsan

Kodicherla Pavani says:

There is no movements that's movement goes to mother breathing

Sumaya Kubaty says:

Am 5 mnths pregnant buh my baby eint moviing like this

Dar Aamir says:

Mera baby too move nhi karta hai

Kaiana Selph says:

No way I’m in my 7th month and my baby isn’t doing this yet

anu sharma says:

Mera v 5 th month hai and yeh ni ho skta

Lovely Cruz says:

Just 5months preggy

Ritu Bisht says:

Apka kya huwa tha lDka ya ladki

Reazo Marites says:

Pumipintig sya ganun din sakin nararamdaman ko din now I'm 5 months pregnant .☺️

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