Baby wearing in cotton saree ( FWCC)

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Babywearing in cotton saree. Front wrap cross carry. Easily available, affordable wrap and best for Indian climate. Language used Marathi.


suzan mores says:

I had a question ?
why do child wear copper anglet

sarath says:

Thanku very much . Its very easy and comfortable to bby

Amina Abdurahman says:

that was good, thanks!

Sri Meenakshi says:

thank you… this is what i was searching for… :)

sangeeta sarode says:

new born baby ko kis tarh isme sulakr rakh sakte he

reeba arachi says:

What is the length of the wrap? Is it a whole saree?

Sravanthi T says:

can you beastfeed the baby when in this position??

Pavithra Sreenivasan says:

Hi very useful video. I was exactly searching for wrapping using saree. Thanku so much. Keep uploading videos of DIY methods pls.
One suggestion, if u spk in common lang like, it will be more useful.
thanku once again.

Pradnya Shidore says:

Hey… Super cute video.. तू याबद्दल खूप विचार केलेला दिसतो आहे! मस्त.. अजून काढ व्हिडीओ..

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