Baby Tips for a New Dad, from a Dad

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Being a new dad can be scary. There isn’t a manual or instructions…but we have a dad who has been through it and wants to help.

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MrNoodleholic says:

Thanks very good tutorial, gonna be a new dad about couple of weeks !

PerPK says:

Im gonna have a son in late December, im so exited!

krack goblin says:

The way he grabs the chin of that fake baby has me dead

Mr Makky says:

My daughter is 4 days old and these tips will be very helpful

Dilki Perera says:

Mum & Baby Instruction Manual now available on Amazon (Kindle e-book & paperback)

S Fouche says:

What if i don't have a stomach like mike, will the hold still work?

Chris Raymundo says:

im going to be a dad this coming october ! thank you so much for this info!

Marv Bolan says:

Just found out about being a dad, due in spring of next year !!!

Young Music Hip Hop says:

I'll be a first time dad next month in August to a baby girl

Thanh Tran says:

Sooooo cuuteeeeeee

emintd21 says:

I am giving you the ultimate father tip. When the baby cries in the middle of the night just say your wife that you are a heavy sleeper and did not hear it. (This is a joke)

arthur myself says:

Be a dad in Oct and wow it's a scary thought

Nenneh Jaywhehgar says:

Im watching this and I Anit even a boy I'm just here to pretend and show off my moves to my mom

Jim Bob says:

Huge amount of time with no diaper under the baby, you're begging for a little shower, or worse.

Brian Brady says:

Thanks for the straight forward video. I appreciate it and need all the help I can get.

Abdi Mustafa says:

My son is 30 days now. Thanks

Say my name? Harambe says:

Im gonna be a dad in 3days. Thanks for this great tips.

nickrct says:

This guy is in peak Dad bod physique…

KurlzTV says:

My daughter will be born in a couple weeks and I’m excited! Any new dads in 2020??

Bern St says:

Interesting. In the book from Harvey Karp ’the happiest baby on the block’ he said that they tested if it is possible to distinguish the scream of a baby if it is actually hurt or just hungry and they said it is not possible. Baby's cry is random and even their screaming can make them scream louder. I guess everyone has to find out on their child. Or what is your experience. I friend of mine told me when her baby shouts it is 90percent hunger.

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