Baby takes 1st steps and father's reaction is priceless.

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Jax takes his first steps thanks to his obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba. We catch it on video and I have quite the reaction. Hope you enjoy.


alwaysyourzebra says:

Oh my gosh that father is the sweetest!! ❤️❤️ So excited for his baby to be walking!

theresa bollman says:

Beautiful and very smart baby, and a great daddy. God bless!

Ann Marie says:

I’m clapping. Lol.

Trish : says:

That’s one happy dad that loves his son so much he’s not even missing football.

Lynette O'Hagan says:

Wonderful, it’s a exciting moment when they first walk on there own, and once they find their feet and balance they can’t get enough….now you really start to work….they have no fear. Great to have this recorded, well done Dad…

SpecialOpsSniperUSArmy #117,#119th Inf Div says:


Touchnshuv says:

You spend the first years teaching them how to walk and talk. You spend the rest telling them to sit down and shut up.

lorien Ray says:

He found a new toy, so cute

Jess Stone says:

Love the dad's expression. He is so proud of his baby boy!

Tammy Theriot says:

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C M says:

Daddy is fine.

laura says:

There's a baby?

Kenmar Bual says:

Baby had just about had it with dad LOL. And then the victorious steps!

Oksana Prusova says:

This dad looks friggen fine)))

Ken Chanel says:

The baby to the couch: you lucky he holding me back

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