Baby Swimming as Enrichment 20

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Babies need to discover how to swim. It is not right to teach them or to force them to learn… Protect them from themselves, allow them to invent, a mistake can be a big success if they learn from it. When a baby initiates a swim and comes out coughing it is not bad, it is another opportunity to let them know that they need to be careful. If they are not successful it does not matter they will choose to stay away on their own. Let’s face it, the most dangerous room in the house is the swimming pool, it is also the most fun. However, if the baby jumps and you catch him before the head goes below the water surface, you are telling them the biggest lie, “this is fun!” It is only fun when they are with you, it is no fun alone. The accident in the pool is great, no band aid, stitches, cast, ice, etc. the only problem with the pool accident is, “if you do not see it, chances are you won’t hear it!” Think about it, next time you are near a pool and your baby wants to investigate, allow it and keep your eyes wide open. When he falls, do not yank him out and spank, only assist to hold on to the wall, react in a manner that allows them to perform the rescue they would have to, as if you weren’t there.


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