Baby moving kicks at 3 month

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My Old VHS Tapes says:

Did your navel turn brown inside or is that a shadow? How early did it occur? I'm trying to find other women that this happened to. I had a tiny pregnancy that lasted all of 16 DAYS. Yet I had a lot of symptoms and a few long-term changes. My navel turned brown, which I had never even heard of.

Baby ki says:

Its not 3 months

sharon reyes says:

It doesn’t kick but it feels moving like bloating times to times it usual starts 5 months max

Neel Kamal says:

It is not 3rd mnth i think so…. Its 5th

ichy vicky 1997 says:

I miss three months nearly four and I feel my baby tossing and turning all the time.

patel Sridevi says:

U have know baby or boy

Daniel The Cool Boy says:

I'm First


Is it right that baby can kick on three months

Amber Simmons says:

Didn't see anything

Little Bali In Vienna says:

Congrats !!! I am also on my first semester

babita atri says:

boy ya girl h

Snegha Sarathy says:

ur baby can become a football player

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