Baby moving in belly kicking and sticking legs out! Pregnancy

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Baby moving in belly kicking and sticking legs out! 39 weeks pregnant when paused you can see the legs and feet sticking out from inside the belly
Im a bad cameraman maybe i should stick to car insurance or gaming


cookiemonsterkooky says:

wow! that's absolutely amazing! I'm currently 23 weeks and I find it crazy when I see my belly jolt from my baby kicking. I cant wait to experience this!

‫مصطفى سعدون ‬‎ says:

سبحان الله العظيم

‫قاسم خلف‬‎ says:

سبحان الله العظيم

Daphne Cross says:


Samaira Baez says:

The belly looks nasty

Lily Brass says:

This kinda scared me.

Zöe Emilia Valdez says:

How far where you in this video?

epidemia2007 says:

I was waiting for an alien to pop out.

laila1989ism says:

This is so surreal! Mother nature is amazing. Does it hurt?

Cursed Charmz says:

EEWW wtf?!??

Angeltouch1991 says:

Damn her stomach looks gross..

Nicole Jorgensen says:

That look super cool, must feel really weird too.

Jason Ko says:

Damn lady, deliver em already.

tory jaeger says:

Guess who's adopting?

Adrian Wren says:

my son was so active just like that lol he's 4 months now gosh he's a fiesty one

Magdalena Sowoska says:

Amazing! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Candice Burgan says:

Omg this is amazing!!!!! Beautiful!

Ammelia Valentina says:

I am so tired of people bitching about what a woman looks like when pregnant. She should be focused on her child, not on some extreme diet or freaking out over stretch marks if she has them. Pregnancy isn't a time to be making a woman feel like crap for having standard symptoms. What's wrong with people? Every woman's body and pregnancy is different.

Jessica Torres says:

that looks very painful, but amazing to watch. You don't only see feet kicking out you see full on outlines of the babies body parts amazing! I don't think that is something every pregnant woman gets to see.

Anshi431 says:

Does that hurt? It seems that her skin is going to tear apart anytime

Sgt CrayCray says:

That. was. crazy.

Brianna Gutierrez says:

This looks very fake if you can see the baby move that much you have to have very thin skin and it look like you can see through her belly

Anamika Vashisth says:

The movement between 1:28 and 1:31 was very good

oceanali3 says:

That's amazing!!! Whoa!! I thought my babies movements were big but that's incredible!! Was it a boy or girl baby??

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